This book is a gem! Andy Miser brings in insight, wisdom and humor based on his own 40 year experience to create and nurture a fulfilling partnership marriage. This book is highly recommended reading for couples in all phases of their partnership's life: from newly weds to young parents to empty nesters!
— Gijs Surie
Must read for young couples! Truly brilliant. Dr. Miser looks at marriage in a unique way following its evolution through the various stages of a couple's relationship. If your adult children are unsure of the role of marriage in their lives, this is a must read. Give them this book! It is a gift they will always remember.
— Bob Mauterstock
A book for us - all of us. Andrew Miser has broken the code for the generation of a sustaining relationship. Holding your relationship as a process of human development (as opposed to another THING in your life do DEAL with) creates the framework upon which life and love can flourish. Conversation becomes the tool to access this life and love. It is remarkable that such concepts have not been brought together before. A must read for anyone looking to have a fulfilling relationship.
— Michael Fontenot
A marriage saver! This book is a must for every married couple. Andy Miser details the six stages of marriage coloring his text with examples of his own marriage of 40 years and those of his colleagues and clients. I found the exercises for couples to use in their dialogue with each other to be extremely helpful. The writing is succinct and accessible. I think the book is a marriage saver!
— Amanda Freymann
Original, insightful and actionable. This book was thoroughly enjoyable and informative. It is refreshing to read new ideas presented in such a personal way. I have been through the book twice, and will no doubt turn to it many times in the future.
— Eileen Cokins