For married couples today, partnership is more important than ever.

Couples who succeed in marriage forge a shared commitment to the quality of their relationship and to the effectiveness of their partnership in fulfilling their life’s goals.

It can be demanding. It can be exciting. It’s not for the faint of heart. Over the course of a lifetime, you and your spouse will have many, many conversations, some of which may have a profound impact on what is possible in your marriage and on the quality of your life together.

The Partnership Marriage provides practical tools to create the life you love … in partnership.

Here, Andy Miser coaches you on designing your roles and responsibilities, fostering teamwork, solving problems, healing past hurts, creating a vision of your future and developing “partnership projects” that support you and your spouse in fulfilling your shared vision.

Today, what’s important for couples is creating a marriage based in love, choice, equality, fairness, personal growth and professional development.

The Partnership Marriage will help you and your spouse each realize your individual dreams, as well as create a mutually satisfying life together.